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Computer Lab Guidelines

Students must be supervised in their use of the computers. No students may use the Lab without a Teacher present.

·       No food, drink or gum allowed in the Lab.

·       A Library atmosphere should be observed (including noise level).

·       Keep labs clean and neat; reuse or recycle all the paper that you can.

·       Students must login onto the network.

·       Do not share usernames/passwords.

·       Keep your password a secret!

·       Save your files to your assigned server drive space (your H:\ drive) or a floppy diskette. (Try to save your work at least every ten minutes.)

·       Please make sure you have clean hands before using the keyboard.

·       Please do not pound on the keyboards and mice.

·       Go to “Print Preview” and check the layout BEFORE printing.

·       Be sure to Logoff when finished. Do not shutdown or restart computers, just logoff.

·       When leaving your computer, please pick up all your personal items (pencils, pens, books, etc…)

Be Responsible For Your Own Work !


If you have a question or problem, please ask for help.






Refusal to abide by these Guidelines will result in a Student’s removal from the Lab. Further incidents will result in the loss of Lab/Computer privileges.


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