Creating a Task


A task in Microsoft Outlook is basically a to-do in a To-Do list.  Microsoft Outlook allows you to create powerful and helpful To-Do lists (or Tasks Lists).  

Creating a Task

1.  Point the mouse on the "New" button (the Standard toolbar) and click the down arrow button.

2.  On the menu that appears, click "Task".

3.  Figure 1.1 will appear.

Figure 1.1

4.  In the "Subject:" text box, enter what the task is.

5.  Select the Due dates and Start dates from the drop-down menus.

6.  In the Status drop-down menu, choose what this task is currently doing.

7.  Choose how important this task is by selecting from the Priority drop-down menu.

8.  In the % Complete text box, enter (or select with the up and down buttons) how complete the task is.

9.  If you would like to be reminded before the task is due, check the "Reminder" box and choose how early you would like the reminder to pop-up.

10.  In the large text box, enter any notes on the task.

This is all you need to do to set up a simple task.  If you click the Details tab, you can set more Advanced options.


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