Online HelpDesk/Repair System 

This Helpdesk software will assist us in the tracking of maintenance requests, failed parts etc.

This online system replaces the need to fill out paper repair forms, sending emails or leaving phone messages.

There are a couple of different ways to login to this system.If your computer is down and you canít login, please use another computer in any building to submit the request.  (You must be on our network, will not work from home or Internet)

  1. Go to Internet Explorer and type in the address bar OR
  2. Go to and click on the link for OCS Online HelpDesk .

To Submit a Problem request: 

The first time you access the Helpdesk, you will need to create your user account. Do this by clicking on New User.


On the next screen, enter the appropriate information. (When you enter your password, it can be anything you want)

Click on Submit and the next screen should look like this.


Click on Help Desk Logon to get to the Logon Screen. Once you get to the login screen, type in your username and password.Only staff members with network access will be able to access the helpdesk. From here on out, this is the screen you will see when you go to the Helpdesk web page.


Click on logon.


Click on Submit New Problem. This is the screen that will display.


Choose the department help is needed from.If you choose Technology, the request goes to Roy Grimes.If you choose one of the other departments, the problem goes to the appropriate personnel to handle the request. (i.e. OES Media Center, Janice Hayes or OHS Building Maint., Dave Conley)

Choose category.


Type in a title for the problem being submitted.



Type in a description of the problem. Please try to be specific.


Click on Submit Problem.


The screen will show you who the problem was assigned to and the date.The problem will also be emailed to you and the person who it is assigned to.


Click logoff to exit the helpdesk.



The emails will look like this.This one is to Roy Grimes, the person it was assigned to.

This email is to the person submitting the problem, Roy G. Grimes. This is what you will receive in your Outlook Inbox.


To check the status of your request:

Logon to the helpdesk.

Click on View Problem List.

Choose the problem from the list by clicking on it.

You can now review what has been done and whether or not it has been closed.

If you need to type in additional notes, please do so and click on Update Problem.

When finished click on Logoff.

 You will be receiving email notification when anything happens to the problem.You will also receive notification when the problem has been fixed/closed.


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