Orleans Elementary School uses the Accelerated Reader (AR) program to motivate students in first through sixth grade to READ, READ, and READ!!!


The Accelerated Reader program offers quizzes on more than 140,000 books. Books in our school library are labeled on the spine with stickers to show students which books are AR books. The stickers are color coded based on the reading level of the book. The stickers make it easier for students to select books that are at their reading level. We offer a wide range of AR books in both fiction and nonfiction. Once students have selected and read their AR books, they test their knowledge and comprehension of the book by answering multiple-choice questions on the computer. The computer handles all scoring and record keeping automatically and presents students with a reading point score based on the number of correct responses, the reading level, and the length of the book. Prizes are awarded to students who achieve their grade levelsí reading point goals. All students have an opportunity to earn prizes such as bookmarks, pencils, water bottles, and even t-shirts. Our BIG prize is lunch with the Principal.


At the end of the school year, the top three point earners from each grade level will enjoy a field trip to Bloomington. While in Bloomington, students will visit the WonderLab, a hands-on science museum, eat lunch at Golden Corral, and choose a few books from Barnes & Noble bookstore.


Click on the appropriate grade level to see Grade Level Point System for your student.

1st Grade Point System

2nd Grade Point System

3rd and 4th Grade Point System

5th Grade Point System

6th Grade Point System


Click here to read the Parent Guide to Accelerated Reader.


You can search for book titles based on authors, topics, or titles of books. Visit the AR Book Finder website.



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