Orleans Elementary School

First Grade Supply List



  • CRAYOLA BRAND CRAYONS –        3 boxes of 8

                                                                   1 boxes of 24   

  • PENCILS                               12 pencils with erasers in a

                                                 Ziploc bag

  • SCISSORS                              1 pair pointed scissors
  • GLUE STICKS                         8 sticks (no bottles) Jumbo size preferred
  • ERASERS                                2 pink erasers
  • SCHOOL BOX                             cigar size only
  • BOOK BAG                                               
  • CASH                                  $8 (no checks)  This will be used 

                                                      to purchase quantities of writing

                                                      paper, homework folders, and

                                                      consumable math supplies           

  • GYM SHOES                             These are required for P.E. and must

                                                  be kept at school.

  • KLEENEX                                 1 or more boxes
  • EARPHONES/EARBUDS                 1 set for your child’s use
  • AA BATTERIES                         1 pkg of 4 batteries
  • DRY ERASE MARKERS          1 pkg of 4 for your child’s use


*Please make sure all items are clearly marked with your child’s name


 The following items are not required, but are greatly appreciated and used for the children throughout the year:

       -Zip Lock Bags (any size)               -Liquid hand soap

       -Paper Plates (non coated)              -Disinfecting wipes


We would appreciate having ALL supplies clearly labeled with your child’s name.  These are only the supplies to begin the school year.  Check often with your child to see if any new supplies are needed.  Most supplies are available in the school bookstore for a reasonable price.

NOTE:  Please remember that Orleans Elementary does NOT accept checks for paper, classroom newspapers, or Scholastic book orders.  If you choose to order books from Scholastic when available, please make the check out to the company (Scholastic, etc.)