OES Second Grade Supply List


v     2 boxes of Crayola brand crayons (24 count)

v     School box – not the extra large size

v     1 box #2 pencils (24 count)

v     2 large pink erasers and pencil top erasers

v     1 pair scissors (sharp point)

v     4 glue sticks

v     1 red folder with two pockets only ( no Trapper Keepers or three ring folders) Please do not write anything on this folder. Thanks

v     1 box dry erase markers (Expo chisel tip – colored) 6 or 8 count.

v     2 boxes tissues (large)

v     Paint shirt (adult-size old shirt)

v     Backpack

v     1 container of disinfecting wipes (ex. Clorox)

v     $2.00 in cash (no checks) for writing paper. This will be purchased in quantity for your child.

v     $5.00 in cash for Weekly reader and Science Spin.


*Please have all the above supplies clearly labeled with your child’s name. Check with your child often during the year to see if any new supplies are needed.


*Please do not allow your child to bring rulers, markers, ink pens, or toys to school without teacher permission.



Please remember that Orleans Elementary does NOT accept checks for paper, classroom newspapers, or Scholastic book orders. If you choose to order books from Scholastic when available, please make the check out to the company (Scholastic, etc…)



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