OES Third Grade Supply List


v     1 Box 24 crayons

v     1 School box for art supplies – please no large-sized art boxes. We do not have room to store them in students’ desks.

v     3 pencils - # 2

v     1 pair sharp point scissors

v     1 bottle of glue

v     1 pink eraser

v     1 notebook of lined school paper for doing assignments each grading period – We need only one notebook at a time.

v     1 folder and book bag to carry papers and books – Please no Trapper keepers

v     1 spiral bound notebook to be used as a journal for the year.

v     1 box of tissues

v     1 ruler with both standard and metric scales

v     1 paint shirt

v     1 pair of gym shoes.


Please clearly label these items with your child’s name.



Please remember that Orleans Elementary does NOT accept checks for paper, classroom newspapers, or Scholastic book orders. If you choose to order books from Scholastic when available, please make the check out to the company (Scholastic, etc…)



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