Standing on the floor with people everywhere, cheering for a victory with an immense amount of pride, and being a leader, that is what we do.  Cheerleading at Orleans High School is a fun as well as a learning experience.  We not only have fun as friends, but we work together as a team.  We have three squads in our high school that help support our bulldogs.



Varsity Cheerleading

                We have six cheerleaders on our varsity squad.  They are as follows:  Blair Fisher, senior; Samantha Edwards, senior; Mandi Hays, senior; Kristi Sullivan, senior; Anna McClintic, sophomore; Candace Johnson, sophomore. 

Junior Varsity Cheerleading

                We have four junior varsity cheerleaders.  They are Holly Dixon, junior; Gina Boyer, sophomore;  Amie Edwards, freshman; and Lindsey Cheatham, freshman.



Freshman Cheerleading

                  Our freshman cheerleaders consist of:  Carmen Love, freshman; Amanda Houchin, freshman; Joni Burton, freshman; Megan Judy, freshman; and Amanda Atchinson.