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Orleans Elementary School
Welcome to Orleans Elementary School

637 East Washington Street
Orleans, IN 47452
Phone: (812) 865-2688 ext.300
Fax: (812) 865-3844


Parent Survey 2014-2015


Upcoming dates of activities for OES:

10/8-10/9 Parent Teacher Conferences (PM)
10/20-10/24 Fall Break (No School)
10/31 Halloween Parties

11/2 Daylight Savings Time
11/11 Veterans Day Program (Grades 1,3,5) 10:00am6:00pm
11/26-11/28 Thanksgiving Break

12/11 Christmas Program (Grades 2,4,6) 9:00am6:00pm
12/18 End 2nd Semester

1/5     Students Return
1/19   No School / Make-up Day

2/13   Valentines Day Parties
2/16   No School / Make-up Day

3/2     ISTEP Applied Skills Testing Begins
3/16   IREAD-3 Testing Begins
3/23-3/27 Spring Break (No School)

4/24   No School / Make-up Day
4/27   ISTEP Multiple Choice Testing Begins

5/19   Awards Program (Grades 3,4)
5/20   Awards Program (Grades 5,6)
5/21   6th Grade Commencement (Pending No Make-Up Days)


Important changes to the OES after-school pick-up procedures can be found here.



If you are calling school to make transportation changes please call before 1:00 p.m.   This will help assure your child and the classroom teacher know of the change.


Our school district has contracted with SchoolMessenger, a leading provider of notification services for parental outreach, emergency broadcasts, student attendance alerts and other communications for education.

The SchoolMessenger system is designed to automatically notify parents for reasons that impact the safety and academic performance of students. SchoolMessenger will extend the district’s existing community outreach efforts and emergency preparedness procedures, as well as inform parents of upcoming school events such as statewide testing and parent meetings. As a comprehensive communication tool, SchoolMessenger will contribute to the district’s involvement initiatives, allowing the district to engage the broader educational community about a wide range of topics affecting students’ academic success.

SchoolMessenger will not replace current school communication methods. Principals will still be accessible for live visits and will continue to communicate via current methods including paper-based memoranda. The district’s acquisition of the SchoolMessenger system is intended to extend its commitment to remain personally connected with parents by offering additional and timely communications. SchoolMessenger notification services are provided by Reliance Communications of Santa Cruz, California, serving thousands of schools, districts, colleges and universities with timely alerts since 1999.

To learn more about SchoolMessenger please visit their web site at