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Dyslexia Reporting Information

Universal Screener

The universal screener used in initially assessing students for being at-risk for dyslexic tendencies is mClass with DIBELS, 8th Edition.


224 students were administered the Universal Screener.


Level 1 Screener

The Level 1 screener used was the M.A. Rooney Reading Foundations.


Of those 224 students initially screened, 46 students were identified as possibly being ‘at some risk’ for dyslexic tendencies.  Due to being ‘at some risk’, those 46 students were administered the Level 1 Screener. 


Intense Interventions

Of the 46 students who were administered the Level 1 screener, all were identified as being ‘at significant risk’ for dyslexic tendencies.  Those 46 students were pulled 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week to receive intense Orton Gillingham interventions for dyslexic tendencies.