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Dyslexia Reporting Information

Universal Screener

The universal screeners used in initially assessing students for being at-risk for dyslexic tendencies were the IReady Assessment, the PAST Assessment Form A, & the ARAN assessment for fluency.  

240 students were administered the Universal Screener. 

Level 1 Screener

The Level 1 screener used was the M.A. Rooney Reading Foundations.

Of those 240 students initially screened, 28 students were identified as possibly being ‘at-some risk’ for dyslexic tendencies.  Due to being ‘at-some risk’, those 28 students were administered the Level 1 Screener.

Intense Interventions

Of the 28 students administered the Level 1 screener, 15 students were identified as being ‘at-significant risk’ for dyslexic tendencies.  Those 15 students were pulled 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week to receive intense interventions for dyslexic tendencies.