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Building Needs and Improvement Project

In 2021, Orleans Community Schools embarked on an effort to complete a thorough review of our facilities and complete a master plan that reflected our Mission Statement and the health, safety, and well-being of our students.  We were assisted by an engineering and architectural firm specializing in education and the result included project recommendations that addressed reducing our operating costs as well as improving our educational environment for students.
We are committed to being fiscally responsible within our available resources by completing these valuable projects without increasing the tax impact to our community from our current rate.
“It was very important to the school board, to myself, and to everybody that was a part of this project plan, that it remain tax neutral. We believe it is best for our taxpayers while also meeting the needs of the school.” – Mr. Ellis, Superintendent
TAKE A LOOK!  We invite you to learn more about the "Building Needs and Improvement Projects" from our Fact Sheet (below) which provides detailed information including project scope, timeline milestones, and more! Also, we are excited to share our project information video (below) featuring Mr. Ellis and the Orleans staff.